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Training With The Balance Bat

The Balance Bat is unique because it is backed by scientific research: it is proven to help you hit more accurately and efficiently.

The Balance Bat is a patented training bat that can help you improve your hitting averages quickly. Learning to bat can be very tricky at first, and you need a bit of extra guidance and support to develop the correct technique. The Balance Bat will help you see improvement quickly with one-on-one training techniques. Balance Bat also offers baseball hitting training classes to help you see the best benefits from your bat.

If you’re training using the wrong hitting techniques, you will end up exerting a huge amount of effort without seeing results. Using a baseball training bat is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of your training and that you are using the best posture, technique, and swing. The shape of the bat is created using sports science research on hitting and swinging, and is weight distributed appropriately so that players keep their hands in the correct place on the bat, enabling more control in the swing. This leads to improved hitting and more success in the game.

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1 on1 Training

One-on-one training gives you the attention to detail that you wouldn’t get in a traditional baseball practice session. Personalized training means you will improve faster and feel more confident in your skills.


Better Hitting

While the Balance Bat was initially designed for youth players, it’s not just for kids – anyone can benefit from using this bat.


Guaranteed Quality

The Balance Bat is made in the United States from quality materials. When you purchase the Balance Bat, you are supporting a local business and local workers.


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American Labor


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Designed & Made In U.S.A.

Patented Bat Technology

Real Science.
Real Results.

Why Training

Training Programs

Our approach to training is one of supporting each athlete to improve their game day adjustability and explosiveness.

Dynamic Warm Up

Learn techniques to optimize proper body warm ups.

Hitting Training

 Focus on: exit velocity, pitch adjustability, strength/power, mobility/joint stability.

Body Conditioning

The Balance Bat Academy uses eccentric, isometric, and isokinetic (constant velocity of motion) muscle actions.

what They're Saying

Customer Testimonials

"Player are allowed to improve the swing patterns and challenge their Central Nervous System while learning to be more adjustable and explosive through the hitting zone"

DJ Boston

"the balance bat allows players to create early barrel depth and increase their barrel acceleration through the ball"

Rick Strickland

"My players can set their hand pivots earlier during their loading patterns with the help of the Balance Bat"

Marco Mendia

Bat Pricing

A sample of our highly affordable, performance increasing, scientifically backed balance bats. View our store for full inventory, pricing and descriptions of all our bats.

*Pricing above is subject to change, please view our store for latest information and pricing.

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