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The main goal for Balance Hitting is to improve swing mechanics of all hitters using sound research that supports biomechanical elements using the Balance Bat.

The concept of the Balance Bat evolved August 2014. Dr. Tracy Clark began to research baseball training bats that would support a youth hitters approach to hit inside the baseball. After extensive searchers Dr. Clark concluded that there were no training bats on the market that would support a youth and/or adult baseball or softball hitter to hack their central nervous system to develop a swing pattern that would allow hitters to develop an adjustable and explosive swing pattern.

Tracy is an Academy Specialist with the Phillies Baseball Academy Summer Camps. During the year, he is a middle school Computer Science Teacher for the West Chester Area School District, PA. Tracy coaches 14u and little league baseball in West Chester and Coatesville, PA. Tracy played baseball at Emporia State University and was an assistant coach at Indian River State College, FL.

He is the founder and owner of Balance Hitting LLC and the designer of the Balance Bat. He earned a B.S. in Economics from Emporia State University, MBA from Northeastern State University, M.S. in Education from Northeastern State University, and an Ed.D. From Nova Southeastern University.


A family business that continues to grow and inspire kids and adults of all ages.


Phillies Baseball Academy Summer Camps. Academy Specialist, Tracy Clark.


Made in the U.S.A with the highest quality materials and craftsmenship.


Balance Bat


The strengths of the Balance Bat lies in the simplicity of the design. For years bat makers have focused their Center of Mass attention on end-loaded or mid-loaded bats.

During the initial research of the Balance Bat Dr. Clark examined a number of current wood bats to identify their projected center of gravity points. The Balance Bat moves the Center of Mass (CoM) of a baseball or softball bat with the addition of the Extended Knob. When the CoM is relocated or moved towards the hands; the hitters top hand torque is reduced which allows the hitters pivot point of a bat which is the top finger of the top hand to feel less stress.

The additional weight load to the end of the bat is what moves the CoM of the bat. The bat still has the remaining Mass of the Barrel, but because the Center of Gravity moves towards the pivot point this allows the hitter to increase overall swing speed and control of their swing.

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